New Consultants

So I’m a Beauty Consultant…Now What?


Beat The Box

After going through your Welcome Packet, your next mission is to BEAT THE BOX! If you do these five things before your Starter Kit arrives you get a gorgeous prize!

1. Fill out the fun Fast Fact sheet
2. Watch video below (13 minute)
3. Download Voxer and send your Director a hello! Our communication is key to your success. I can’t help you if I don’t hear from you! This free app will allow us to communicate back and forth on our own time with our busy schedules. It’s like a high-tech walkie talkie. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Tonya’s VoxerID: tcolbe589

4. Create a Contact List – Click Here
5. Select your Pearls of Sharing Friends –Click Here

Just a tip!

Mary Kay is super speedy.. they usually get the kit to you in 3 or 4 days. But, I know you can beat them!



Log onto InTouch with your consultant ID and create your password. From here you can finish your online checklist and complete tasks like setting up your website, your propay account and ordering business cards. You can even send e-cards to your potential customers!

  1. Order your website (1/2 price will expire in 30 days)

  2. Sign up for Propay so you can take every major credit card 

  3. Order your business basics from MK connections (

     (you’ll want the ones with business cards, reorder labels and name tag – discounted for new consultants)

  1. Complete MK University (This can be done over a period of 1st 2 weeks)
  2. Complete Color Certification (This can be done over a period of 1st 2 months)


Mary Kay always said you can’t go up if you don’t show up! Contact your Director to find your local meeting. You will be praised to success, trained like a pro and rewarded with prizes galore! Success Meetings are a blast! Dress for success in a skirt or dress for all Mary Kay events.

  1. Did we talk? I’d love to connect (719) 493-2502
  2. Program 719-298-3366 into your phone (This is my office phone)
  3. Attend Weekly Success nights (On-going education and inspiration
  4. Saturday 8am mst Mary Kay University Call (719) 428-1993
  5. Sunday 7pm mst Zoom VIDEO share the love call (will need to RSVP to get a link each week)


#1 Vision Casting & Powerful I-Story

#2 Get Ready to Party

Party Prep

Opening Your Party

Conducting the Class

The Close

The Individual Close

ABC of Closing (Tonya's Favorite)

#4 Girls Love Pearls


#5 Preparing Your Home Office

Add Meet with Tonya for special one on one Money and Time Management


Follow the Prize Trail

Gold Calculator

Beat the Box

Gold Calculator
Money Bag

First Order in First 15 Days

Money Bag
1st 3 Practice Interviews

Pearls of Sharing Earrings

1st 3 Practice Interviews
2nd 3 Practice Interviews

Pearls of Sharing Bracelet

2nd 3 Practice Interviews
1st New Team Member

Pearls of Sharing Necklace

1st New Team Member
Pink MK Pens

New Consultant Checklist #1

Pink MK Pens
Charm Bracelet

New Consultant Checklist #2

Charm Bracelet
Bumblebee Charm

New Consultant Checklist #3

Bumblebee Charm
Heart Charm

NCE Graduation

Heart Charm
Perfect Start Charm

Perfect Start

Perfect Start Charm
Power Start Charm

Power Start

Power Start Charm
Bronze, Silver,


Bronze, Silver, & Gold Charm

Get Ready to Party

Team Building

The Dream Book

Marketing Cards

One-On-One Interview



What’s in A Recruiters Packet

Business Card

Starter Kit  ($446 value for $100)

Avenues of Income

Choose your Options, Set your Goal

Tax Advantages

Career Car

Career Path

Tonya’s monthly checks 1 | 2

Pat Danforth – Living the Dream

Have at least 10 made up at all time!
Use printed 6” x 9.5” Self-Sealing Flat Cellophane Bags


Tonya’s Share the Love Schedule

Sunday 7pm mst Zoom Call – need to RSVP by Friday to receive EMAIL

text 719-493-2502 if you didn’t get one by Sunday at 6pm

Monday nights

Wednesday and Fridays are follow up days for Tonya and will do Zoom Video Share the love upon request.

A “How To” Get Everything Started

How do I log into the Mary Kay website? 
Go to and you will need your consultant number. Leave the password blank and hit connect.


How do I set up my Website? 
Go to and log in as a consultant. You will have the option to 
purchase your website for $25 in the month you begin your business and the month after.


How do I order business cards? 
Go to or call 800-627-9577


How do I accept credit cards as payment? 
Log into and on the home page scroll down and on the right hand 
side click on the ProPay link or call 800-630-8115


How do I order my product? 
Your Director will place your first order for you. After that you can order on by clicking on the “Online Ordering” link at the top of the page. Or 
call 800-272-9333


How do I know if I’m active? 
Log into and check your Personal Reports and your status will be 
next to your name. or call 800-272-9333


When do I receive my “Star Consultant Ladder”? 
After the quarter ends (3/15 or 6/15 or 9/15 or 12/15) the company begins the mailing. Please 
call Branch customer service if you do not receive it within 8 weeks. 800-272-9333


How do I select my Star Consultant Prize? 
You call the Prize department at (800) 919-7735


How do I order my Red Jacket? 
Call 800-619-0055


I have a problem with my MK email or website?
Call MK Intouch Support at 800-272-9333


My order was missing product?
Call Branch Customer Service at 800-272-9333


My order had extra product?
Call Branch Customer Service at 800-272-9333